The Illustrated World Encyclopedia of Knives, Swords, Spears & Daggers

The Illustrated World Encyclopedia of Knives, Swords, Spears & Daggers

Harvey Withers Tobias Capwell

An authoritative guide to over 750 sharp-edged weapons from their origins in the Stone Age through to the 21st century, with 1500 colour photographs

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Over 1559 colour photographs
Over 750

Publication DateAugust 2010
Number of Pages512
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Bindinghardback with plc and jacket
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Since sharpened tools emerged, almost 1 million years ago, edged weapons have played an incredible role in the shaping of human history. As well as being deadly weapons of war, they have been used all over the world to hunt for food, and to battle for honour. This comprehensive encyclopedia of edged weapons is both an authoritative reference work and a stunning visual directory, explaining the development of these weapons through the centuries, describing the weapons capabilities and individual specifications.

Tracing the fascinating history of swords, sabers, lances, daggers fighting knives and bayonets, from their Palaeolithic origins through to the 21st century. The book reviews the development of each weapon and how the military tactics have shaped the great civilizations of ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece. The book looks at the significance of the sword in the mystical traditions of the Celts, delves into the world of the medieval knights and crusades, as well as how the Middle Eastern armies fought. The decorated daggers of Persia and the exquisite knives of Japan are also examined.

The directory is among the most comprehensive visual reference works of their kind published for the general reader, and present a superb pictorial guide featuring more than 750 examples of sharp edged weapons, from the pole arms and ballock daggers of medieval Europe, and the cavalry sabers of the 17th century to the swords of the Russian Empire and classic commando knives of World War II.

With over 1500 colour photographs and illustrations, and written by leading experts in the field, this beautiful guide is essential reading for everybody interested in the conflicts, sharp weapons and warriors that have created and shaped history.

About the Authors
Harvey Withers - Author
Harvey J S Withers has held a lifelong passion for historical weapons and for many years has been a successful dealer in antique military swords. He is the author of British Military swords 1786-1912: The Regulation Patters (Studio Jupiter Military Publishing), World Swords 1400-1945 (Studio Jupiter Military Publishing) and The Scottish Sword 1600-1945 (Paladin Press).
Tobias Capwell - Author
Dr. Tobias Capwell began his career in arms and armour at the Royal Armouries, Leeds, and gained an MA and Ph.D in Medieval Studies at the Institute for Medieval Studies, University of Leeds. In 2003 Dr. Capwell joined Glasgow Museums as Curator of Arms and Armour and has produced numerous books and articles on aspects of the Glasgow collection, including a new edition of the 1924 catalogue of the R.L. Scott Collection and a new general guide to the collection, The Real Fighting Stuff: Arms and Armour at Glasgow Museums. He took up his present role in 2006 as Curator of Arms and Armour at the Wallace Collection in London, England.

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